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Classic Mail Encryption Programs are Inconvenient to Use

“I’ll email you the contract as soon as we get off the phone” – everyone has heard this at least once. After all, email is still the most popular way to send information and files.

But hardly anyone is aware that all of the information is sent in plain text. This is particularly risky in a business context, as emails and email attachments can be intercepted with relatively little effort.

Traditional email encryption applications that encrypt the entire email are relatively complicated to use, as the emails often have to be accessed via a special website.

In many cases, however, encrypting the entire email isn’t even necessary, as the sensitive information (such as the contract mentioned earlier) is sent along with the email as an attachment. So the focus really needs to be on ensuring that, first and foremost, the attachment is transmitted in encrypted form.

Email Encryption


DRACOON for Outlook: The Simple Email Encryption Solution

DRACOON is a software for saving, managing and sending files, manufactured in Germany. For email encryption, DRACOON has developed a state-of-the-art Add-In for Microsoft Outlook (for Windows) that makes everyday communication simple and secure.

You can convert file attachments of any size into download shares using the add-in. The files are automatically stored in DRACOON and protected via comprehensive security measures.

If you want to encrypt an entire email with DRACOON for Outlook, the content of the email as well as any attachments are uploaded to an encrypted data room in DRACOON. Instead of the actual email message including attachments, the recipient will receive an info email with instructions on how the encrypted email with attachments can be downloaded from DRACOON via the share link.

Therefore DRACOON includes for each user besides the secure storage location for all data a GDPR compliant solution for email encryption - so you can communicate easily and securely via email - and have full control over your files at the same time. 

You can also set a date for links to expire or limit the maximum number of downloads and set a password. You can then send the password to the recipient directly from DRACOON for Outlook. This allows you to retain control of your data at all times.

DRACOON for Outlook Mail Encryption


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With DRACOON for Outlook you continue to write e-mails in your familiar working environment and add attachments of any size as needed. These are automatically converted to download shares. You can also save the e-mail to yourself or the e-mail body in DRACOON and send it as download share.

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