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Maximum Security for Your Data

Protect your data with end-to-end encryption incl. client-side encryption: All files can already be encrypted on the end device. Therefore the key information is located on your client, so neither DRACOON as provider nor third parties are able to access the stored files. Sent and stored data is therefore secured in the best possible way, because the key for decryption remains only with you, unlike other solutions.

Made & Hosted in Germany:
DRACOON is developed in Germany and operated in ISO27001 certified data centers. Unlike American providers, the German cloud is not subject to the CLOUD Act: This US law allows US authorities to access data that American cloud providers store abroad. It ensures that it no longer matters whether the data is stored in the cloud or in a particular data center at home or abroad. The CLOUD Act obliges US companies to disclose data even if local laws at the location of the data storage prohibit this. Anyone who wants to play it safe as a data subject must therefore in future not only pay attention to where his data is stored, but also where the storing company is based. This also applies to non-personal data such as business and company secrets. With US solutions, there is always the danger that you cannot rule out third-party access to your data.

GDPR-compliant thanks to Privacy by Default and Design:
DRACOON supports a data protection-friendly technology design (Privacy by Design) and also includes a data protection-friendly default setting (Privacy by Default) - this is how you work in compliance with data protection. The fulfilment of relevant data protection and compliance guidelines as well as important certifications also make the introduction easier for you.

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This is How Secure Communication Works – Internally and Externally

Send files of any size in a flash and securely via a share link: Set how long the file should be available, protect it with a password or limit the number of downloads. You can also send a link to securely upload files - get notified by email as soon as the files are uploaded.

Keep control of the detailed authorization concept: With a file transfer software, you can assign each user a suitable role profile so that certain people have read-only rights, for example, while others can delete or share files. Only authorized users have access to assigned data rooms.

Practical recycle bin function: Keep track of all changes or restore deleted files from the recycle bin with a single click - this also protects you in the event of a ransomware attack, as the unencrypted files are transferred to the recycle bin as a version and can be restored from there undamaged.

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All Your Documents – Securely Available Anytime and Anywhere

Access via smartphone and tablet: You have secure access to your files via the DRACOON Apps even when you are on the move. Our security features are also enabled when you upload, download and send large files on the go.

Convenient email encryption: Using the DRACOON for Outlook Add-In, you can automatically convert email attachments into a secure share link, including the entire email if required. This is how you send emails that are GDPR-compliant.

Synchronize data, work offline and save storage space: With DRACOON for Windows/Mac, you can integrate DRACOON as a drive in Windows Explorer or Mac Finder and securely store large files from any application (not just MS Office). Every program is perfectly integrated and synchronized with DRACOON - whether via drive, app or browser access. You can continue working even if you're temporarily disconnected from the Internet by keeping selected data rooms or individual files available offline with a single click - thanks to this intelligent on-demand synchronization, you'll certainly save a lot of storage space.

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